How to create and assign Recurring Tasks?
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To create a Recurring Task in Havelock:

  1. Open a project > Select an activity > Select Add Tasks button.

2. In the Create New Task form, select Task Type > Recurring.

3. In the Name box, give your task a name.

4. Select an assignee in the Add Assignees box.

Next, you need to determine how often you want the task to recur and for how long.

4. In Recur every box, enter the frequency of recurrence.

Note: If you select “1” and “week”, the task will recur once every week. If you select “2” and “day”, the task will recur twice a day.

5. Use on these days to select on which days of the week you want the task to recur.

Note: If you select “T”, the task will recur every Tuesday.

6. In Start date, select when to start the first task of the recurring sequence.

7. In Ends, select whether the recurring task sequence (the last task) should end On a specific date / After an X number of occurrences / Never.

Seeing all tasks in the recurring sequence

After you create a recurring task, you can open it and see all tasks part of the sequence.

To do so:

  1. Open the activity you created the recurring task for and select it.

2. Use the Create New Task button to manually display all tasks from the sequence. If you don’t, Havelock will create one task at a time.

3. Select a task from the sequence to access its details.

Note: You can edit recurrence settings only if you are the task owner.

When you open a task from the sequence, you access all communication, documents, related tasks, and details about the recurring task.

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