How to set dependencies for activities?
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Dependency is a feature that automatically reminds you when an activity becomes actionable and you need to do something about it (for example, to assign a task).

You can set dependencies in a project or the Admin Panel.

Setting dependencies in a project

To set an activity dependency in a project:

Tip: Before starting, decide which activities are dependent on each other’s execution. Sometimes an activity can be dependent on several earlier activities. And vice versa -- the completion of one activity can activate several following activities.

  1. On the Projects tab, select a project.

Note: You need to have created milestones in your project to be able to set dependencies.

2. In the Dependency column, select the dependency icon next to the activity you want to set a dependency for.

3. In the Add / Edit Dependencies dialog box, select the dependent activities.

4. When done, select Save.

Note: When you set dependencies in a project, you can save it as a project template to reuse in future.

Setting dependencies in the Admin Panel

To set dependencies from the Admin Panel:

  1. Go to Admin Panel > PROJECTS > Project Templates.

  2. Open a project template, an activity, and set dependencies as you do in a project.

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