How to create and assign labels to an activity?
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Labels” is a feature that visually enriches your experience with Havelock and helps you segment/filter activities based on color codes.

Tip: Use labels to indicate which department deals with a specific stage of a product’s lifecycle, or geographically divide the process into units that will take care of it. You can also suggest in which stage of development the project is in - bidding/negotiation/implementation, and so on.

You can create labels in a project or the Admin Panel.

Creating a label in a project

To create a label in a project:

  1. On the Projects tab, select a project.

  2. In the Label column, select the plus icon.

3. Select +Add New button.

4. Give your label a name and select a color.

5. When done, select Add.

Note: You can always change and delete already assigned labels but editing the name of a label is done from the Admin Panel > Projects > Labels.

Changing labels

To change a label in a project:

  1. Select a label and then Change label.

2. Select an existing label from the list or create a new one.

Creating labels in the Admin Panel

Remember, labels are a feature of activities.

To create a label in the Admin Panel:

  1. Go to Admin Panel > Projects > Labels.

  2. Hit button + New label.

  3. In the Create new label form presented on your screen Give your label a name in the Label Name Box and chose a color of desire from the color card to match the name.

  4. When done, hit Save label button.

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