What is My Tasks?

My Tasks Hub is a team member's working playground.

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A Team Member’s working playground

If your role is not an administrator, team leader, project manager, or department manager, My Tasks would be the place you visit every day. It is your command center.

Note: Although in reality My Tasks would perhaps not be used as intensely by Havelock users with roles of Team Leader and above, they would also access all tasks that they’ve assigned or have been assigned to them from there.

Here, from one place, you will have access to a personalized list with prioritized and ready-for-work tasks– i.e. actionable tasks –that have been assigned to you, you have assigned to your colleagues, or the ones you're following.

What’s more, My Tasks gives you access to all communication and documents related to the tasks you are working on, or those you are following.

My Tasks gives you access to:

  • Prioritized list with tasks

  • General task information and task details (i.e. attachments and so on)

  • Notifications

Prioritized list with tasks

Similarly to the My Reminders, My Tasks does several important things for users. It gives them access to:

  1. A prioritized list of tasks scheduled for "Today"

  2. All tasks scheduled for the following days

  3. All tasks that you follow

  4. All recurring tasks

Tasks for "Today"

Tasks in the hub can be from different projects, but what connects them is that they are all actionable i.e. work on them can start immediately.

Normally, team members start their day with tasks for "Today". The notification in the My task tab indicates how many tasks you have to complete today.

Pro-tip: Your goal is to finish your day with all tasks for "Today" completed.

Note: If you cannot finish a task scheduled for “Today”, you have to request a deadline change in order to keep everyone in sync.

Tasks for next days

Tasks with +1, +2, +3, and so on are also actionable but are scheduled for a different day.

Tasks you follow

Additionally, in the Following tab you’ll find the task you're following; tasks you are not directly responsible for completing.

Recurring Tasks

Lastly, sometimes in your prioritized task list, you will have recurring tasks, which can be recognized by the recurring symbol.

Access to task general info and details

My Tasks gives you quick access to:

  • A task’s general information

  • Information about the project, activity or goal and board it belongs to.

But more importantly, it gives you quick access to all task comments, attachments/files, and sub-tasks , so you can see things in context, and make informed decisions.

Moreover, from here you can filter tasks by their status – New, In Progress, Done, Canceled, and Late tasks.

Remind me

“Remind me” is an important feature that lets you create your own task prioritization. For example, when you have a task with a longer deadline, you can give it an earlier priority in order to have enough time to complete it. When you set a date in the Remind me column, it will move your task up or down in your task list. This is a common practice with tasks that take longer to complete or have special priority.

Note: that you can set a reminder for tasks that have been assigned to you and are not late.

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