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Project Templates in Havelock
Project Templates in Havelock
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What are Project Templates?

А project template is a list of all important activities–arranged in chronological order–necessary to complete a project. Using project templates is the fastest and most efficient way to create and manage projects with the same or similar workflow. They reflect your company’s know-how or the best practices in your industry. With project templates, you never miss anything important.

You can always edit an existing template by deleting/adding new activities, changing target deadlines, or editing activity dependencies.

Project templates can be created either in the Admin Panel or they can be created by saving a project as a project template. You may have as many as you want and they can serve various purposes.

Tip: Make sure to regularly examine the templates that you think are getting old, and modify them. You may operate in an environment with high intensity and more often than not the company’s know-how needs to adapt to the changes in the work dynamic.

Company know-how preservation and elaboration

Project templates are a perfect tool to preserve and elaborate your company know-how.

We recommend using project templates in the following cases:

  • Whenever you want people managing projects of a similar type to follow the same workflow and not miss important steps

  • Whenever you need to quickly onboard new project managers without wasting time to familiarize them with the specifics of your business

  • Whenever you need help making sure every new detail in your business flow is tracked, no matter when it's added or who's working, or if it was duly communicated with every possible employee

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