How to view and work with Recurring tasks
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On the My Tasks tab, you’ll find all recurring tasks assigned to you, along with all the single tasks assigned to you, or the ones you have assigned to others.

Note: Users with a Team Member role can only create only sub-tasks, not recurring tasks.

To view and work with a recurring task:

  1. On the My Tasks tab, select a task that has an “R” next to it in the Status column.

2. When you open the task, you’ll gain access to all task comments, files, and sub-tasks.

In the left bottom corner, you’ll find the task’s recurrence settings.

Note: Only the recurring task owner can edit the recurrence settings. Also, when you create a sub-task to a recurring task, the sub-task won’t be recurring.

3. If you cannot complete the task on time, use the Request Deadline Change button and ask for a new deadline.

4. To add a comment, select the Add Comment button.

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