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Good practice: Efficient task management in Havelock
Good practice: Efficient task management in Havelock

Rules for working with tasks

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Tasks and their execution move projects forward and keep the information updated in real-time.

If you want to be efficient in your work with Havelock and keep everyone in sync, we recommend you follow these guidelines for task management:

There is no point in creating and assigning a task if work on it cannot start due to pending input or actions from other team members.

  • Never have late tasks

When you think you won’t be able to finish a task on time, simply request a deadline change. Otherwise, you lose the actual status of the project.

  • Make sure an activity’s reminder date is in sync with the deadline of its tasks

  • Use naming conventions for your tasks that point to the desired outcome

  • Add a comment when you want to communicate relevant information or escalate an issue

By adding a comment, you keep all involved parties informed on the latest information.

See also, Task management.

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